Chart: Panic Meter | 6.11.19

Is it time to Buy or Sell stocks?

What you see in the chart above is the results of the S&P 500. Everyday, I run approximately 500 stocks thru the Strategic Options algorithm and produce Buy, Sell and Hold signals. This is not done by having a hunch, following twitter trends, Doji hammers, or what I learned in a silly chat room. These are not day trades, these are trades that average about ~30 days.  These trades are updated everyday at 3:30 PM MST.

Since we know that Gold, Silver and the VIX, along with market is completely manipulated, you have to find other measures to value stocks. Just recently, we crossed into a large Sell ratio in comparison to Buy signal. When the ratio reverts back to Buy signal greater then it will be time to Buy the market. (I'm working on a chart that shows the history of the Strategic Options, Buy/Sell signal, moves in direct correlation to the S&P 500) In the mean time you can check and see if where the Buy and Sell winners are. Or you can sign up because if you can't afford $49.99 a month to get a return of % well then there is always Jim Cramer.